Installation, cleaning, testing and certification of piping in diving systems

With over 35 years in the diving industry Imenco is a successful designer and manufacturer of both air diving and saturation diving systems.

On an 18-Man 2-bell saturation diving system there will typically be approx. 10.000 meters of piping needing cleaning to fulfil the requirements of the Certification Societies (DNV-OS-E402 Offshore standard for diving systems and ASTM G93-96 Standard Practice for Cleaning Methods and Cleanliness Levels for Materials and Equipment Used in Oxygen-Enriched Environments).

As the first diving system manufacturer worldwide, Imenco has since 1999 held a DNV-approved cleaning procedure for piping in diving systems and high percentage oxygen systems.

The P-ICTC contains:

  • O2 cleaning facility
  • Pressure testing equipment
  • Pipe installation equipment
  • Standard workshop
  • Test panel
  • Breathing air compressor

We deploy the container and our trained personnel on the vessel and do what is necessary of pipe installation, cleaning, testing and certification. We can also do engineering work and draw new P&ID if needed. When we leave you will know that you provide the divers with clean and fresh breathing air and that the job is done according to certification requirements.

Over the years we have had several full installation jobs for complete saturation diving systems where we have done design, production, installation, cleaning, testing and certification for:

  • Odd Berg
  • Mohn Drilling
  • Volstad Maritime/Draeger

We have also been a subcontractor on numerous jobs for various customers.

Recently we have been on the Edda Fonn with the P-ICTC container and done an installation and cleaning job. The feedback from the customer was that the job was executed to perfection.

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