Imenco is setting a new standard in the protection of mooring systems

Applicable to any permanently moored structure, the Pacu™ system is adapted to meet the requirements of each installation, ensuring optimal corrosion protection no matter how challenging the environment.

Combining the incredible strength and conductivity of our industry-leading Piranha® clamp with our tailored sacrificial anode solution, Pacu™ is transforming subsea chain protection and halting the progress of corrosion in its tracks to immediately extend the lifespan of mooring systems.

Installed safely and efficiently using an ROV with our custom-built Tool Deployment Unit, Pacu™ avoids the need for costly workovers to replace existing chains and reduces the carbon footprint of mooring chain management. New chains can be thinner and lighter, thereby further supporting the drive for greener, more sustainable operations.


  • Extended lifetime and reduced risk of corrosion damage to mooring systems
  • Lower likelihood of pre-emptive replacement of mooring systems
  • Lower costs related to these unbudgeted replacements
  • Can be easily retrofitted to any mooring system for immediate protection
  • Reduced need for corrosion allowance will enable the use of thinner, lighter mooring systems in the future
  • Reduce carbon footprint of operations thanks to fewer chain replacement campaigns and less steel used in the chains themselves
  • Easy and safe installation process


For more information about Pacu and other Smart Solutions visit Here  or contact your local Imenco representative.

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