Imenco IP Camera Range

The Subsea Visual Intelligence System (SubVIS) platform is based on embedding a computer into the camera, making it ready for advanced image enhancement and Computer Vision. We have effectively produced a dedicated computer especially designed for low latency video processing and streaming, based on Smart Phone and Gaming technology inside of the camera.

At the top of our IP range we offer the SubVIS ORCA main ROV camera with 30x optical zoom and 1080p@60fps. Also building on our embedded computer we offer a Smaller 1080p@30pfs full HD camera named SubVIS Grampus and a black and white option named Subvis Ross. The latest camera in the range is our brand new, ultra-wide angle Goblin Shark. This camera offers an amazing 142° FOV.

Our IP range makes it possible to replace your old analogue cameras to a brand new and future oriented IP system.

The future of Intelligent Digital Subsea video is here!

You find our Subsea IP Cameras HERE