Imenco at Europort 2023: Providing autonomous solutions for the maritime industry

Rotterdam, November 8, 2023 – As the shipping industry sets sail towards autonomous horizons, innovators like IMENCO are steering the course. This week, at the bustling Europort exhibition, the spotlight falls on Lars Sande, Sales Manager at IMENCO, whose dedication to autonomous maritime solutions is as evident as the cutting-edge technology he champions.  

Sande, whose anticipation for the event can be summed up as an eagerness to “get started,” stands ready to unveil advancements that IMENCO has tailored for the next generation of maritime operations.   

Innovation Without Boundaries The External Marine Fixed Camera (Harsh EMI)  

The core of IMENCO’s showcase is the 0482-6030 Marine 5MP PoE+ Camera, a Type-approved engineering marvel. Designed to capture the finest details with its 2560 x 1920 resolution at 30fps, this camera is more than just a visual aid; it’s an integral component for any autonomous vessel.  

-With our camera, vessels can see more clearly and precisely. It’s not just about having a camera; it’s about integrating a vision that complements the ship’s intelligence.  The camera’s robust build using 316L stainless steel and a varifocal lens that can be adjusted remotely testify to IMENCO’s commitment to durability and adaptability. Sande proudly notes,

With its ruggedness, It’s engineered to thrive where others won’t – in the unyielding embrace of the sea, he explains proudly.  


Unrestricted Naval Advancements 

Recognizing the unique demands of Naval applications, IMENCO sees beyond the commercial maritime market, offering the 0482-6030-MIL. This version brings all the prowess of its counterpart but with added muscle to withstand the stringent MIL-STD-461E EMI standards.     

The military-grade cameras ensure that even in the most demanding EMI environments, performance is uncompromised.    


The NJORD PTZ Camera: Illuminating the Path to Autonomy  

Further solidifying IMENCO’s position at the helm of innovation is the NJORD PTZ Camera. This DNV-approved, stainless-steel sentinel is particularly suited for keeping watch over autonomous vessels.

Sande describes the NJORD as “Signal, not noise”, highlighting its long-range illumination and 30x optical zoom capabilities.

-Named after the God of the sea, we want our NJORD PTZ camera to offer a lens into the world that can adapt as quickly as the conditions change. Installation and integration are a breeze, with high-PoE options and a suite of features rivaling existing surveillance systems, explains Sande.

He also emphasizes the camera’s versatility, stating, “whether day or night, calm or stormy, the NJORD is a vigilant guardian for autonomous vessels.”  


A Vision Shared, A Future Prepared  

IMENCO’s display at Europort isn’t just a showcase of products but a testament to a shared vision of what awaits the maritime industry. Lars Sande and his team are not just selling cameras; they offer a gateway to safer, more efficient, fully autonomous maritime operations.  

With Sande at the forefront, with an infectious zeal to embark on this transformative journey.  

-IMENCO is not just ready to “get started,” Sande says; We are thinking down range and want to chart the course for the maritime industry’s camera autonomous future.  

You can get in touch with Sande and the rest of his team at stand nr 8324.