Helidex offshore & Imenco AS alliance

Helidex Offshore and Imenco alliance is a non-equity strategic alliance which help us join forces and share resources to provide helideck & refueling system as one package. Helidex Offshore LLC like Imenco Aviation has proven records and sometimes we have the same customers. It is a win-win situation for both companies to gain extra competitive advantage.

“Helidex is pleased to be associated with Imenco. This association will allow us to offer a complete helideck package to our clients worldwide. In addition to aluminum helidecks, helideck lighting and fire suppression systems, Helidex is now able to offer reliable, code compliant refueling systems allowing our clients to procure a complete helideck package from one source.  Imenco is a leading supplier of refueling systems, with a proven track record and excellent service. We are particularly pleased to be working with Mr. Al Cohen, VP of Business Development at Imenco A/S and rest of Imenco Aviation and Engineering Team for the supply of Helideck Refueling systems. ” Says, Mr. Chawki A. Benteftifa,PE-President of Helidex Offshore LLC