Great success for the new developed Imenco Regan GL-4 Extension/Adaptor

The GPE GL-4 can be handled by the guideline and easily be installed and released by work class ROV.

The Extension has an easily accessible Release Ring, located near the top of the extension operated by ROV (or diver) for lock down (L) and release/ unlock (U) of the extension. The lower part of the GPE has a locking mechanism and a lead-in skirt section that mates the GL-4 post top profile thus providing a strong connection. The locking mechanism will automatically engage the GL-4 post top profile when fully landed and the guideline is slackened.
The Imenco GPE GL-4 Extension has an outer diameter of 219,1mm (8” nom pipe) and can be delivered with different lengths according to client requirements. For more details contact Imenco.

Imenco Guidepost Extension GPE GL-4 Main Features:


  • Based on field proven design
  • Release Ring at top for easy ROV access
  • Quick to install and release, no special tools required
  • Simple and reliable self-locking mechanism
  • Locked/unlocked status is verified by the release ring
  • Can be released and reinstalled without any intermediate resetting at surface
  • Available in different lengths acc. to clients’ requirements

Interested to know more about this product? Link to the product page HERE or you can contact us HERE.