Four-wheel crawler under water

The new model, which similar to the LBV is part of Imenco’s range of products, has a four-wheel skid that enables it to operate on ship broadsides/ bottoms and other hard surfaces.

–  In addition to possessing all the functions and properties that have made the LBV into a success product, the crawler has the ability to maintain a stable position on any base even during current flow conditions where using an LBV would be difficult or even impossible, says Business Unit Manager Subsea, Thor Nordahl to Imenco Today.

Thanks to the manoeuvrability of these subsea vehicles they strongly adhere to any fixed base. An extra propeller sucks the crawler to the base with a force of 25 kg, so that the four wheels get a
good grip.

The powerful grip pattern of the four tyres gives the crawler a stability that is out of reach for conventional ROVs.
It can cover approx. 30 m. a minute. In addition to a camera for carrying out inspections, the vehicle may also be equipped with special equipment for measuring the thickness of steel plates etc.
When the skid is not attached the vehicle works like a free-flying LBV.
At Sea Botix factory in San Diego, California, Imenco staff have undergone training in order to be able to provide service both for conventional LBVs and the new crawler.

The intention is that Imenco will also be in charge of service and maintenance for Sea Botix products in all of northern Europe.