Diverless hot tap clamps for Åsgard

Imenco has been awarded a US$ 4 million contract from Statoil Petroleum AS for delivery of three off 20 x 12 inch Retrofit Tee Clamps for Diverless Hot Tap operation of 20 inch subsea pipeline at the Åsgard field in the North Sea.  The manufacturing contract is subcontracted to Aibel AS. The first RT Clamp will be manufactured as a prototype clamp used for integration testing, while the other two will be permanent clamps used for installation on an Åsgard 20 inch flowline in conjunction with the planned subsea compression plant. We are very pleased to be awarded this contract. Four years ago we developed and performed qualification of a similar prototype for Statoil for the Tampen Link Hot Tap project. The clamps for Åsgard will be designed for a larger pressure and temperature specification, but is very much like the one we made in 2006, says Arne Kinn and Odd Einar Lindøe, Imenco’s two key Engineers for these contracts.  The Åsgard project will be designed for 220 Bar pressure with a flow temperature of 80 degrees centigrade. Imenco will perform the engineering and testing work, and supervice the production at Aibel’s workshop in Haugesund.