Breakthrough orders for Imenco in offshore wind power market

Imenco AS is now in the process of finalizing the deliveries of equipment for corrosion protection (cathodic protection) for an offshore wind farm in Great Britain – Galloper Wind Farm. The 336MW wind farm, which is currently in construction of the coast of Suffolk, will consist of 56 wind power turbines and have an annual generation equivalent up to 336,000 average UK households. The deliveries consist of connection clamps and cables to connect the anodes to the subsea support structures, equipment to lift and guide large anode banks in place as well as remote controlled lifting anchors to release the lifting equipment after the loads have reached its final position.

Imenco AS have earlier this year (in May) delivered a similar solution to an Offshore Wind Farm in Germany for 67 wind turbines.

Development of offshore wind power is a sector in rapid growth, mainly in Europe and China. With the most common subsea support structure (a so called Monopile), sacrificial anodes for corrosion protection must be installed and connected to the structure after the installation of the support structure is completed. Imencos solutions enable a rapid and cost effective operation completely without the use of divers.

Managing Director, Geir-Egil Østebøvik emphasizes; ”these are deliveries that are very important to our company.  They are important as reference projects in the growing market for offshore wind power and are naturally especially welcome at a time when our traditional offshore market is going through a very demanding period.”

Imenco is a supplier of equipment and engineering services to the offshore oil and gas sector, maritime industries, wind power and aquaculture. The company has its main office at Tysvaer and manufacturing facilities at Tysvaer and in Ningbo (China), as well as offices in Bergen, Lafayette, Aberdeen and Singapore.

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