Quality Policy

Our quality management is a high priority, with an integrated management of Quality and HSE. We will develop, design, produce and deliver products and services of the right quality and a “correct first time”. Furthermore, we naturally comply with all regulatory requirements and regulations.

All employees shall have the right skills to perform their tasks with a high quality, and in a proper manner. Imenco will also be a workplace for professional development with meaningful duties.


Procurement of goods and services must be maintained with control and evaluation of suppliers.

Imenco relies on its customers and will maintain mutual partnership that promotes both parties’ ability to create value.

Feedback from the market and our own business is to be actively used to improve marketing efforts, products and methods.

Activities should be managed as processes to achieve optimal results. Processes, management systems and activities must be documented to achieve, compliance with customer requirements and other interested parties expectations, company’s requirements, and to provide objective evidence and data for analysis of trends and improvements.

We in Imenco will work actively to improve its own procedures. All errors and unwanted incidents should be processed and analyzed. Corrective and preventive measures as well as an evaluation of these will be initiated where needed.

Continuous improvement of Imenco’s overall performance is a persistent objective.