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Offshore AFGUARD Water Monitoring System

Imenco has developed a continuous aviation fuel water monitoring system together with the leading aviation fuel filtration and sensor manufacturer Faudi Aviation GmbH. The system is a product in our new fuelSCAN series. Our system can be installed as a retrofit solution for offshore fuel systems as well as in new-builds. The system allows you […]

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Senior Corrosion Engineer

Due to increasing activity in all our business areas, we have decided to increase our staff and are now seeking to strengthen ourselves with new employees.


The Caiman Pipe Anode Clamp

The Caiman Pipe Clamp utilize the existing standarized stand-off anodes on a structure. Stand-off anodes are often used on large structures. Instead of making large or special clamps for installation on items like jacket members, the Caiman Retrofit Pipe Clamp utilizes the existing stand-off anodes. Slim form factor and low weight add to the flexibility and robustness of this design.

Subsea Cathodic Protection

The Imenco Cathodic Protection Systems, provide a cost effective and secure solution for installing sacrificial anodes without the need for welding. Ranging from protection of single components, to installation of anode banks on large offshore wind farm foundations, Imenco has the suitable products. The mechanical clamps that connects the anodes to the structure, are the main products in Imenco Cathodic […]

Diverless hot tap clamps for Åsgard

Imenco has been awarded a US$ 4 million contract from Statoil Petroleum AS for delivery of three off 20 x 12 inch Retrofit Tee Clamps for Diverless Hot Tap operation of 20 inch subsea pipeline at the Åsgard field in the North Sea.  The manufacturing contract is subcontracted to Aibel AS. The first RT Clamp will be manufactured as a prototype clamp used for […]