Exceptional image quality

Imenco is a leading player in aquaculture subsea vision, through an extensive camera range – and associated products.

Our Aquaculture products and services are labeled Imenco Havbruk, Norwegian for Imenco Aquaculture.

We have a highly skilled staff with many years of experience developing solutions for the industry. As a result, we are able to supply products and services, which accommodates contemporary aquaculture practice, and we strive to collaborate closely with our customers to fully understand their needs. We are constantly undertaking product development so we remain at the forefront of aquaculture suppliers.

We are committed to the ongoing growth and success of the aquaculture industry and seek long-term relationships with our customers, by gaining trust through understanding, consistency, and quality.

Automatic Sea Lice counting

Imenco Aquabyte lusetelling

World leading image quality

Imenco Aquaculture - see the sea lice - salmon lice

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