Topside Engineering

A team of highly experienced engineers work together with designing and developing smart solutions for customers. Simple design solutions are often a result of years of design, production, testing and operational experience combined to exceed client expectations. Our Topside Engineers assist clients of all sizes and at all levels from design support to delivering finished products.

Topside Lifting & Handling:

Imenco have specialists in handling, lifting and engineering with focus on the offshore/marine environment. Focus in recent years has been pull-in system for offshore platforms, and especially fast-track project with limited delivery time with great feedback from our customers.

Topside Units:

We design, develop and produce several different Topside Units for offshore and maritime use. The whole process from the idea or request from customer, through the design and development face and to the final assembly in the workshop is done in-house in our workshop facilities in Norway.

Diving Systems & Units:

Over the years we have designed and produced several large diving systems, various diving chambers and other diving units. The systems and units are highly advanced and built to high standards.



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Geir Trengereid

Department Manager Imenco Engineering Projects

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