Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark 14.1MP Digital Stills Subsea Camera is based on the Imenco SDS1210 stills camera with it’s field proven track record and its high quality subsea images. Quality and user friendliness is taken to a new level with the Tiger Shark digital stills camera.

The Tiger Shark is perfect for ROV usage or as a high resolution stand-alone camera for research purposes. Integrated flash and Ethernet control with download capabilities. A timer function for taking stills as a standalone unit is also an option.

More details & product sheet

Resolution: 14mpx
Lens: 5.0-20mm
Focal Length: 4x Zoom (Optical)
Focus: Auto and Focus Lock
Flash: Internal/ External (Lantern Shark)
Housing: Duplex or Titanium
Diameter: 83mm
Length ex. con: 170mm
Weight: 2.8/ 1.7 kg
Depth Rating: 3000m or 6000m
Power: 24V/ 12-37W
Std. Connector: 5506-1508 (or optional)
Control: RS 232 (RS 485 optional)


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