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Subsea Cathodic Protection Systems

The Imenco Cathodic Protection Systems, provide a cost effective and secure solution for installing sacrificial anodes without the need for welding. Ranging from protection of single components, to installation of anode banks on large offshore wind farm foundations, Imenco has the suitable products.

The mechanical clamps that connects the anodes to the structure, are the main products in Imenco Cathodic Protection Systems. Imenco has a range of clamps to cover the typical interfaces found on the existing structure. Whether it’s small anodes directly attached to the anode clamp, or anode banks connected by earthing cables, Imenco Cathodic Protection Systems deliver a reliable solution for the required life-cycle. In the situation where there is required with a bespoke solution, Imenco is able to develop systems that encompass the same eye for detail that is delivered to all Imenco designs, projects and products.

The installation process is effective and reliable, ensuring continued protection of your subsea structures. In most cases, the installation cost is the major factor when installing retrofit anodes or anode banks to a structure subsea. By use of common ROVs with available hydraulic power packs, the anode clamps are installed in minutes, providing protection for a lifetime. Imenco have developed a specific torque tool to make this installation even easier, with focus on safe operation and no risk of unnecessary strain on the ROV equipment.

Please see the product sheet for more information, and follow this link to look more specifically at our range of products for the Imenco Cathodic Protection Systems.

With over 25 years of experience in the subsea market, Imenco has built up extensive experience and knowledge within the subsea industry. We have been involved in countless projects, helped to resolve major and minor challenges for our customers around the world -always with a Smart Solution.

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