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Standard Guidewire Anchors

The Imenco Guidewire Anchors (or Latches) have been manufactured and used since the mid 1980s and are known in the subsea market for their ease of use and dependability. The Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors are easily installed and released by ROV or diver. The Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors are built from high strength stainless steel and is hence very durable and dependable.

All Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors are delivered with a shear pin. This allows the Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors to be released from the guiding system in the event of unexpected loads occurring in the system. The shear pin breaking load can be made to comply with client specifications up to the specified max shear pin capacity of each model.
The Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors are recognized by their slender bodies and wider heads. This gives each Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchor a shoulder for resting on the top of the guidepost or receptacle. An easily accessible release sleeve is utilized for releasing an Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchor. The release sleeve is painted orange for easy recognition. All Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors can be delivered with either Wire Socket or Pad-Eye for connecting to the guidewire.

The Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors are equipped with two locking dogs which transfer the load onto the retaining shoulder of the guidepost. The Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors are designed according to DNV Standard for Certification No. 2.22 Lifting Appliances. The Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors are designed with a safety factor of 1.5 against yield. All Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors can be modified upon request to suit individual needs.

For operations where accidental release may be critical, an optional Safety Clip or Safety Sleeve can be installed.

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