SensoMon – mobile monitoring system

SensoMon mobile monitoring system gives the operator full overview of the oxygen levels in a whole cage on one screen.

2, 3 or 4 oxygen sensors with separate battery packs transmits oxygen measurements via radio transmitters to a PC-logger. The unit is mobile and ideal for use with delousing treatments in closed cage, or e.g. when doing enviromental logging of a locality for a shorter period of time.

Technical data

  • Master carrying case with PC, GPRS
  • Sensor carrying case with oxygen sensor, salinity, sea currents, wind measurements, temperature
  • Attaches to the hand rail on cage top

Further information
This monitoring system is based on our AquaLog light logging station. Using the same kind of sensors, batteries, transmitters and loggers. The electronics however is placed in robust carrying cases that makes for quick and easy assembly around the cage you want to monitor.

Main function 1
The carrying case, with PC and logger are placed on the same boat used for oxygenation. This gives the operator live and continous overview of the oxygen levels and enables the operator to make adjustments in time should the saturation levels drop. The oxygen saturation graph updates on-screen, as often as required.

Main function 2
For each cage or each interval that is logged, SensoMon generates a report containing the graph showing desired, logged values.

Add as much information as you want: Company name, locality, cage number, number of fish, size of fish, bio mass, delousing agent, hold time, tarp number, lice count before and after delousing, comments etc. Import the graph and save as PDF. This gives you a detailed report to send to whomever it concerns.

More details

  • Full overview of the oxygen levels in the cage on one screen
  • Rapid installation and easy to use
  • Robust – designed for working environments at sea
  • Real time view of the oxygen levels via screen, mobile og tablet
  • All measurement data is automatically stored
  • Documentation and traceability of the environment in the cage during treatments
  • Easier reporting and fewer forms to fill out
  • Possibility to attach to a salinity sensor


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