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The ROV Shackle is used for lifting operations of subsea equipment and includes a ROV operated mechanical actuator for connecting and disconnecting the shackle.

Robust design based on standard certified shackle, equipped with mechanical ROV-operated «open and close» function. By using this shackle, the ROV is enabled to open and close the shackle pin using the manipulator arm. The shackle has been used multiple times during operations worldwide, and we have delivered shackles from 12 to 120 tons.

•    Certified according to DNV 2.22 – Lifting Appliances.
•    Easy operation with ROV manipulator.
•    As a standard shackle is used, it fits standard lifting ears / pad eyes for the specific size.
•    Used successfully in many subsea installations.
•    Can be delivered with both D-handle and Fishtail handle.
•    Rigging point for correct levelling of ROV shackle.
•    High operating max. torque.
•    Corrosion resistant construction.

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Technical Data

•    Shackle size: 12 to 120 ton.
•    Calculated and certified in accordance with DNV 2.22.
•    Fabricated in accordance with ISO 13628-8.
•    CE marked.
•    ROV or diver operated.
•    Operation torque: 100 Nm.
•    Design torque: 200 Nm.

Download the product sheet to explore the dimension table.


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