ROV Latches

Available sizes:

  • Micro Latch    0,5Te WLL
  • Mini Latch      1,5Te WLL
  • Midi Latch      5,0Te WLL
  • Maxi Latch    12,0Te WLL

Improve the safety and handling of your expensive equipment and valuable personnel. Imenco ROV latches will increase overall safety and ease deployment and recovery of small to medium sized ROV’s. The lock-latch enables easy attachment/detachment to the cable using its unique cable entrance door solution.

General description:
The Imenco ROV latches are made from Aluminum 6082T6 and stainless S165M steel. The unique cable door and release mechanism makes it very easy to use. It will self-release in water by attaching a medium sized” Grimsby float” to the release lever, or by simply using a release line.

The latch unit will attach to its accompanying termination bullet sliding on the umbilical cable even down to a 30º angle above the horizontal. Feedback from our customers is very good, where they all point out the advances this unit gives compared to other launch/recovery scenarios using a live-boating ROV.

The unit may also be used for other applications, where a messenger line is attached. The latches ranges from 0,5 to 12 tons WLL. It is designed according to DnV rules for Certification of Lifting appliances. The latch and termination bullet are delivered as certified pairs to avoid any mismatch between the two.

Termination bullets can be delivered whole or split. Among other these latches are used extensively on Sub-Atlantic, Argus Remote Systems, Sutec Sea Owl, Sea Twin, Sperre Subfighter – and Ocean Modules ROV’s.

Download the Imenco ROV Latch Brochure and Product sheet for more information. 

More details

  • Bullet, locking dogs and handle are made from high strength steel. Main body is made of seawater resistant Aluminium
  • Door to allow for entering of umbilical into the latch
  • The handle will fit a shackle of the same capacity as the latch
  • The standard bullet does not allow for load termination inside of the bullet
  • Load termination of the umbilical must be done elsewhere
  • Specially designed bullets for load terminating in the bullet may be designed
  • This is dependent on the umbilical design


Inge Ivesdal

Sales Manager Norway - Subsea Products

Michael Noble

Michael Noble

Sales Manager UK - Subsea Mechanical

Shannon Giagnorio Director of Business Development - Americas

Shannon Giagnorio

Director of Business Development - Americas

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