ROV Inspections

Need something inspected underwater in Rogaland or southern part of Hordaland? Call us and we will be right there.

We have three available vessels for fast inspections and three ROV’s.
Catamaran with medium sized inspection ROV, speed hull alu boat with medium sized inspection ROV and RIB with small sized inspection ROV.

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Trond Maroy Imenco Aqua

Trond Marøy

Sales Manager Fish welfare - Region South of Norway

Rune Stangvik.jpg 2

Rune Stangvik

Senior Sales Advisor Aqua. Products, aftermarket & service

Hans Gunnar Hansen Imenco

Hans Gunnar Hansen

Areas of responsibility: Sales manager Hydraulics

Anders Wistrøm

Anders Wistrøm

Service & Production Mananger Aqua: Camera

Final Runar

Runar Aasgård

Customer Service & Logistic Aqua. Feeders and Oxygen diffusors

Tommy Visnes Storsveen

Tommy Visnes Storsveen

General Manager – Imenco Aqua

Arne Vidar Bjelland + 47 52 86 41 88 Purchaser Kophaug 3, 5570 Aksdal Norway

Arne Vidar Bjelland

Purchaser Aqua & Subsea Electronics


Torbjørn Mikkelsen

Client Manager - Region Mid- and North Noway, Iceland

David Ulloa Walker General Manager – Imenco Aqua Chile

David Ulloa Walker

General Manager – Imenco Aqua Chile

Juan Carlos Imenco Aqua

Juan Carlos Reyes

Product Manager - Imenco Aqua Chile

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