Repairs and overhaul of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders have been one of the core products for Malm Orstad, and we have therefore built up an unique competence in this line of products, both within our engineering department and with our skilled mechanics. This competency is clearly defined within our daily repairs and overhaul of all types and sizes of hydraulic cylinders.

Defected parts need of replacements, such as, but not limited to pistons, stuffing boxes, piston rods, cylinder tubings, are manufactured in our very own machining workshop. We are also equipped with a state-of-the-art bench honing machine, in which can be applied to repair internal damages on cylinder tubings. Pistons rods and other worn out- or corroded parts can also get an overhaul in our own welding workshop.

The flexibility and mobility of our own employees and associated distributors ensures that we take on any and all orders and delivers within given time frames.

A typical workflow includes the following:

Dismantling and inspection to comprehend the damages
Assess potential improvements and clarify prices with the customer
Perform repair/ overhaul or improvements on the equipment received
Assemble, pressure test and painting of the equipment
Documentation to be provided based on client requirements

The workflow will also include third party verification, typically DNV, if required in the above processes.

Reference projects:

Marine riser tensioner
Guide line tensioner
Crane cylinder
Cylinders for skidding systems
Cylinders for drill deck equipment (Catwalk, Roughneck, Riser Spiders, etc)
Cylinders for subsea equipment
Cylinders for excavators and lorry trucks

Malm Orstad can also offer assistance with dismantling and assembly of equipment at the premises of their clients.




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