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Quick Connectors

Product number: 61-MM-GTP907 - 61-MM-GTP909 - 61-MM-GTP910 - 61-MM-GTP911

High Quality Quick Connectors for Aviation fuel units.

These Quick Connectors allows you to have a dry break from hose end and makes it easy to change  Nozzels dipending on what kind of refuelling that needs to be carried out.

It is highly recomended by Imenco to have 61-MM-GTP907 on your hose unit and 61-MM-GTP909 on your Pressure refueling nozzle and Gravity refuelling nozzle.

With this solution no tools are required to change and it will take seconds to preforme the changing between nozzles.


61-MM-GTP907 – Hose Unit 


61-MM-GTP909 – Nozzle Unit 


61-MM-GTP910 – Dust Cap For Nozzle Unit 


61-MM-GTP911 – Dust Cap For Hose Unit   

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