Problem solving, troubleshooting, modelling, concept studies, detailed design and product development are some of the services offered on a daily basis. Quick delivery, solid product knowledge and a high level of quality is our biggest asset as a supplier. Our engineering department has extensive experience in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and control systems for the oil and gas industry. We have a competent staff with good experience in most of the equipment, and we work daily with drilling, subsea and downhole tools.

Keeping engineers close to the production facilities is essential for the production of the most functional solutions and cost effective manufacturing. This is one of several reasons why so many choose to cooperate with us. In addition, we are technology aware and have recently invested heavily in machinery and equipment in line with our development. As late as 2008 we moved into brand new premises, something that helps us ensure efficient and safe production.

In this way, Malm Orstad is able to manage complex projects, from concept to delivery of the completed and fully documented product. When Malm Orstad is involved in bigger projects, we can assume project responsibility on behalf of our customers and deliver within the agreed limits. Our project participation ranges from full responsibility, including engineering, to being a supplier of machining, assembly and testing.

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