Piranha® X Expanding Connection Clamp

The Piranha® X is intended for mounting in holes and pad-eyes.

Holes sizes :

  • ø57mm
  • ø87mm

Other sizes upon request.


The Piranha® X Retrofit Earthing Connector from Imenco was developed to be mounted into padeyes or holes.

We have two different basic sizes are available. Sizes ø57mm and ø87mm, other sizes upon request.

The Piranha® X Retrofit Earthing Connector provides a low-resistance electrical
connection between a subsea structure/component and sacrificial anode. The Piranha® X literally
bites into the steel through coated surfaces.

The Piranha® X can either have a cable attached via an anode bank or
anodes directly attached with a variety of anode brackets, providing a complete cathodic protection system as one small unit. With
an active cathodic protection system, the Piranha® X is designed to last for 25 years.

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