OE13-126/127 Low Light Underwater Navigation Camera

  • 86° Wide AOV
  • Excellent Low Light Performance
  • 4500msw Depth Rating
OE13-124125 Low Light Underwater Navigation Camera

The OE13-126 (CCIR) and OE13-127 (EIA RS170A) extreme low light, monochrome cameras have been designed primarily for use in subsea environments and are ideally suited to low light surveillance including mid-water and long-range navigation tasks, general observation and situational awareness applications.

The OE13-126/127 cameras offer both exceptional low light sensitivity and a wide AOV (86° diagonal) in water. The OE13-126/127 incorporates a back-illuminated and thinned (BIT) CCD sensor and advanced imaging processing technology, delivering a significantly improved low light performance over conventional low light SIT, CCD and CMOS sensors in all subsea environments.
The video image will appear in focus from 300mm in front of the port to infinity; making the OE13-126/127 an excellent choice for both navigation and general observation applications.

Packaged within a robust 4500msw depth rated titanium alloy housing the OE13-126/127 provides a standard definition composite video signal output via the Burton 5506-1508 connector or customer specified external connector.

The OE13-126/127 is supplied in a rugged transit case with a handheld infra-red remote control which has been intuitively designed for ease of use.

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