Imenco AS

OE13-124/125 Low Light Underwater Navigation Camera

Product number: OE13-124/125

The OE13-124 (625 Line/50Hz) and OE13-125 (525 Line/60Hz) BIT camera is the latest generation of low-light underwater camera, and delivers unprecedented light sensitivity, image quality and viewing-range performance.

Robustly designed to perform in the harshest underwater environments, the wide-angle OE13-124 incorporates an advanced back-illuminated and thinned (BIT) CCD light sensor and integral image-processing technology, delivering up to six times the light efficiency in water as previous EMCCD based camera technology. This performance advantage, combined with a host of other best-in-class features, results in significantly improved image definition, contrast and low-noise levels across a wide dynamic brightness range.

This enhanced viewing capability enables users to undertake more accurate long-range vehicle navigation and surveillance in low light and in turbid water conditions. Furthermore the OE13-124 has a reduced lag characteristic, immunity to imageburn and offers improved reliability, maintainability and through-life cost savings over other image-intensifier technologies.

The OE13-124 camera provides significantly improved light sensitivity in real underwater operating conditions over both first generation EMCCD technology (at all viewing ranges) and also over the renowned SIT technology (at underwater viewing ranges up to 25 metres). This light sensitivity performance advantage is even greater in turbid water conditions (eg estuarial and coastal waters).

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