Imenco AS

OE10-103 Multi-Purpose Rotator

Product number: OE10-103

The OE10-103 is an electric multi-purpose rotator unit offering exceptional torque, positioning performance and durability for the toughest subsea tasks. Its compact robust design, high shock & vibration tolerance and other environmental and electrical protection features ensure continuous performance in the harshest environments. Low noise levels and a high degree of positioning accuracy and control, makes the OE10-103 perfect for a wide range of sensors, especially forward-looking scanning and multibeam sonars that require further rotation on one axis.

The OE10-103 is controlled via RS485 half duplex or RS232 serial control.

Graphic User Interface (GUI) software and 9 BIT serial feedback is provided as standard and control protocol can be supplied on request. Use of the GUI allows full rotator control, including: speed, “go to” functions and rotation travel limits.

The OE10-103 uses an innovative high torque gear system enabling a high torque output (up to 35Nm from a 24V power input), minimal backlash and high positional accuracy and repeatability.

The pressure housing is manufactured from stainless steel as standard and incorporates a pressure compensation unit for reliable deep water operation to 6,000 msw.

Electrical end stops limit rotation excursion and can be set up via the GUI. Mechanical over-travel stops can be fitted externally in 30 degree steps.

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