Dispenser Unit

Imenco’s standard Dispenser Unit is designed to fulfill requirements for Helicopter Fuelling Systems worldwide and can be upgraded to project-specific requirements.

Our standard design includes a three-stage filter vessel that combines the separator and monitor functions in one filter vessel. Having the filter vessel as close to the helicopter as possible decreases the chances of fuel contamination. It also gives a significant improvement when it comes to service and maintenance as only one filter vessel needs inspection and filter change.

More details

  • Dispenser Unit with Water Separator
  • Vent Tank / Spill Box
  • Separator and Monitor Filter
  • Local instrument & control panes
  • Dispenser Unit with Triple Filter (water Separator and Monitor) EI 1581/1583
  • Delivery Hose, Reel & Filling Nozzle
  • Dispenser Unit with Monitor or Micro Filter
  • Bonding Reel & Reel
  • Dispenser Unit acc. to Norsok/ EI 1581/1583, OLF, CAP 437 – Norwegian Model
  • Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Filter Water Separator EI 1581
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge
  • Filter Monitor Unit
  • Grounding Tester which shuts down the system if the grounding between plant and helicopter, are not proper (optional).
  • Flow Meter with totalilizier
  • Closed Sample System with Sample Glass (optional).


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