Cathodic Protection of Mooring Lines

Methods and Equipment for retrofit of Cathodic Protection of Mooring Lines for FPSO’s and other floating structures.

Mooring lines

Deep water mooring systems for an FPSO or similar floating structures will be exposed to corrosion. In connection with lifetime extension of existing fields or mooring systems where the original Cathodic Protection  design for other reasons need to be improved, Imenco have developed methods and equipment for retrofit.

Application Example . Transition piece between Chain Section and Wire/Rope Section of Mooring Line.

In the video below one can see a transition piece where the original sacrificial anode is completely depleted. An anode bracket with 2 x 20 kg of Al-anodes was attached using a Piranha X expanding Earthing Connection Clamp in an existing pad-eye.

Imenco have delivered more than 150 clamps for this application.

In other situations it may be a requirement to mount sacrificial anodes to the mooring chain directly. Imenco have developed a Piranha®  clamp specifically for this application, and have just completed an extensive test program to qualify this application.

Our Sister company Manoda have further developed an anode for protection of mooring chains for new installations or retrofit on land.



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