BOP Inspection System


The Imenco 0434-6000 On Deck BOP (Blow Out Preventer) Inspection System is a portable CCTV inspection system typically used for internal visual verification of bore, seals and components while the BOP is on the surface prior to drilling operations, or during BOP repair and maintenance periods.

The system includes a robust titanium high resolution Imenco OE14-212 Zoom, Rotate and Tilt (ZRAT) camera fitted with internal directional LED lighting, mounted inside a specially designed steel centralising running frame and a rugged Portable Surface Control Unit for controlling the camera and viewing/recording the images.

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  • Includes Imenco OE14-212 Zoom, Rotate and Tilt (ZRAT) camera
  • Robust galvanized steel centralised running frame
  • Portable control & viewing with >10 hour recording


  • BOP inspection
  • Oil & Gas platforms
  • Offshore installations

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