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Anode Brackets and Sleds

Imenco Retrofit Anode Brackets and Sleds from the Imenco Cathodic Protection Systems range of products, can be configured to suit any operational requirement, including size, location and attachment method.

Imenco has developed brackets, baskets and sleds to carry the sacrificial anodes. Each project, big or small, has their specific requirements and preferable solutions, thus many different variations of these products have been designed and produced by Imenco.

Most Imenco Retrofit Anode Clamps have identical bracket and bonding cable interface(s), ensuring great flexibility.

Imenco has produced ROV installable Retrofit Anode Systems since 1999, which have proved to be very effective and installation friendly. The smart solution cater for compact design, enabling great flexibility in anode attachments.

Latest news

New Guidepost Extension Anchor Releasable

We have developed and produced a new guidepost extension anchor releasable that is ideal to use if the ROV don't have side access to the guideposts on the subsea structure. Read more »

New product GP Centralizer

Through our effort to give our customers new and smart solutions the GP Centralizer has been developed and produced. Based on our experience with subsea lifting & handling we saw the need for this product to make subsea operations even easier and with an increased level of safety. Read more »

New developed semi-automatic TRI Plate from Imenco

A smart solution for easy subsea loadtransfere. The Imenco TRI Plate allows for loadtransfere from one lifting rope to another. Read more »