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Decades of deliveries of machining services have provided us with in-depth expertise and experience in all types of machining that enable us to offer machining of market-leading quality and workmanship.

We perform world-class machining with extreme precision. Our expertise surpasses most when it comes to achieving great accuracy and very fine tolerances.

We provide machining services where the focus is precision, delivery capability at competitive prices and close follow-up to customer.

With our long-standing expertise in machining, our customers are given full support and security in the production process, as well as utilizing the best methods to ensure maximum returns.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our machines or what we can supply. We have engineers, technical engineers, mechanics and project managers who can help with everything from small assignments to larger and more complex solutions.

Idar Vassbø

Idar Vassbø

HOD Machining Voll


Rune Bringedal

VP - Oil & Gas - Marine & Naval

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