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Bramble Shark

The Imenco Bramble Shark is an impressively compact, HD-SDI Wide Angle Overview Subsea Video Camera.  Exceptionally high-quality 1080p@30fps HD-SDI video, standard 6000m titanium housing and three available FOV options make the Bramble the preferred choice for ROV and AUV operations.

SubVIS Grampus

The Imenco SubVIS Grampus Wide Angle IP HD 3x Zoom SmartCamera offers 1080p@30fps Full HD low latency video streaming, 3x Optical Zoom, std. 6000m Titanium housing, Wide Angle dome front port with 98° diagonal / 90° horizontal viewing angles and internal 9-Axis MEMS IMU Sensor

Thresher Shark

The Imenco Thresher Shark HD Wide Angle Subsea Camera is primarily designed for ROV operations. The camera provides highly detailed video images for inspection tasks giving a 92° angle of view in sea water (horizontal).

Rugged Marine Fixed Camera

The Imenco 0482-6010HD-020 is an ultra-rugged naval marine IP colour CCTV camera with a day/night feature combined with a wide angle IR corrected lens and is ideally suited to the limited lighting conditions found in below deck ship engineering spaces. In instances where there is insufficient ambient lighting the in-built IR illumination LED’s automatically provide […]

Area: CCTV

Internal Fixed Dome Camera

The Imenco 0482-6070 below decks HD PoE fixed dome CCTV camera is an extremely versatile unit that will allow comprehensive viewing in the most challenging environments. The robust IP camera combines a wide angle fixed focal lens with near IR LED illuminators and is ideally suited to the limited lighting conditions found in ship engineering […]

Area: CCTV

Spinner II Shark

The Imenco Spinner II Shark Wide Angle HD SDI zoom camera is a high quality subsea camera designed primarily for ROV operations. It has a specially designed wide angle lens system for premium optical quality, 30x optical zoom and its titanium housing is rated to 6,000msw. Can be supplied with various connector options for fiber […]

Spinner Shark

The Imenco Spinner Shark wide angle HD Zoom Camera is a high quality subsea camera designed primarily for ROV operations. The Spinner Shark subsea camera has a specially designed lens system for premium optical quality. 30x optical zoom, 72° diagonal angel of view, Titanium housing and 4,000msw. Optional: The Spinner Shark can be fitted with an extra […]

Hammerhead Shark

The Hammerhead colour zoom camera is used as main camera on work class ROVs. Praised by major operated world wide of being a reliable and professional wide angle zoom camera. The Hammerhead Shark has 60⁰ wide angle lens and 18x optical zoom. Giving high quality video images and good control options by using a RS232 […]

Silvertip Shark

Silvertip Shark subsea camera is rated to 6,000msw and fitted with a wide-angle lens and 4 high intensity LED lights. This colour video subsea camera is ideal when great scene illumination is an imperative. The Silvertip Shark is a small, user friendly subsea camera with LED lights and high quality color video output. The camera is fitted with […]

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