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Rugged Mining Camera

The Imenco 0414-6002 range of ruggedized high resolution monochrome or colour CCTV cameras are a proven design used for heavy duty industry and harsh environment applications. Low cost manufacturing techniques and rugged design means the Imenco 0414-6002 provides a camera system that offers an excellent compromise between initial cost and survivability. Designed with special attention to […]

Area: CCTV

Top Releasable Mini Guidepost – MGP-TR

The Imenco Top Releasable Mini Guidepost MGP-TR is a small low weight guidepost used on structures for lead-in and final guiding of smaller tools, pods or other small equipment where guidewires are not to be used. The MGP-TR has a very low weight for handling and installation/ retrieval by ROV. The MGP-TR is available from 125mm OD post size.

Wireless Sensor Monitoring Leman Alpha

Background Imenco Nautronix were contracted by Deepwater EU Ltd to develop a solution making use of acoustic communication for the purpose of long range CP monitoring, an industry first for this type of remote CP monitoring. Deepwater provided an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system with acoustic remote CP monitoring as a pilot project for […]

Underwater Positioning

At Imenco Nautronix, we provide a range of advanced subsea acoustic positioning systems, including vessel based and seabed systems. Using the latest generation of signalling technology, the systems employ a broadcast technique providing true multi-user, accurate and reliable positioning in all water depths with no acoustic interference, providing clients with accurate positioning and substantial cost […]

Area: Nautronix

Aqua Nor 2019

Imenco Aquaculture till be presenting camera solutions and ROVs on the Aqua Nor Exhibition in Trondheim. If you are looking for a durable complete camera system with exceptional image quality, then come and have a look at our Gemini Camera System. And if you are looking to find a solution for camera based AI lice […]

Imenco Mera IPACK Filtering Units

The Imenco Mera IPACK Filtering Unit is a fully instrumented filter cart for maintenance of hydraulic and gear oils. iPACK™BASIC gives the user an easy to use tool for filtration and transfer/filling tasks.

Area: Topside

Senior Subsea Design Engineers

As a Senior Subsea Design Engineer in Imenco you will find challenges and be involved in projects at all stages of the life cycle.
In Imenco you will find a company that challenges and excites you to new extremes.


Senior Corrosion Engineer

Due to increasing activity in all our business areas, we have decided to increase our staff and are now seeking to strengthen ourselves with new employees.


Rail Overhead Line Equipment Inspection System

The Imenco 0480-6001 wireless Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) pole-mounted inspection camera system features a high-resolution 8 Megapixel stills/video colour sensor with close-up lens for accurate measurement and analysis, and a long 100m range wireless RF transmission link to the base station. The camera head features a unique remotely-controllable motorised tilt, digital zoom and scaling/steady arms […]

Area: CCTV

OE10-104 Medium Duty Pan & Tilt

The OE10-104 is the latest generation of pan and tilt unit OE has designed and manufactured. This all-electric pan and tilt unit has been designed for positioning of cameras, lights and mechanical scanning sonar in subsea applications.

OE11-150 LED Lamp

The LED lamps have been designed to address the specific requirements of high quality video inspection and observation tasks under water and in harsh environments.

OE14-110/111 Compact Colour CCD Camera

The OE14-110 (PAL) and OE14-111 (NTSC) Low Cost Mini Colour Camera utilises the latest solid state sensor technology to provide a cost-effective, miniature colour camera with excellent light sensitivity and image definition.

Complete Aquaculture Camera Systems

Imenco has been a leading global developer of cameras for use underwater for more than 30 years. This has given us a unique knowledge of optimizing image quality and design for the rough environment the cameras are going to operate in. Our camera system for the aquaculture industry is developed based on this expertise in […]

AqKva 2018

Our sister company, Imenco Havbruk,  will be attending the AqKva conference and will have a stand in the exhibition area. Come and see the Imenco Gemini Aquaculture camera and our brand new Imenco Taurus winch designed for use with the aquaculture camera, but also possible to use for many other applications. Hope to see you […]

Guidepost Extension – GPE Model M4

The Imenco Guidepost Extension GPE can be installed onto the top of 8in guideposts for temporary increase of the guiding length. The GPE makes it possible to use permanent short posts (to avoid them to protrude above e.g. over-trawlable subsea templates) and still obtain proper guiding through narrow roof openings of the structure. The extensions can be handled by the guideline and easily be installed and released by ROV.

Latest news

Large deliveries of Guidepost Extensions

We always work to extend our product range with new products and versions of existing products that are asked for and wanted by our customers. Our Guidepost Extension Anchor Releasable is one of these products. Read more »

New Guidepost Extension Anchor Releasable

We have developed and produced a new guidepost extension anchor releasable that is ideal to use if the ROV don't have side access to the guideposts on the subsea structure. Read more »

New product GP Centralizer

Through our effort to give our customers new and smart solutions the GP Centralizer has been developed and produced. Based on our experience with subsea lifting & handling we saw the need for this product to make subsea operations even easier and with an increased level of safety. Read more »