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OE11-150 LED Lamp

The LED lamps have been designed to address the specific requirements of high quality video inspection and observation tasks under water and in harsh environments.

SeaLED 25

The SeaLED 25 is a high output multi purpose light for ROV/tools and inspection points, Fitted with the latest high quality LED which produce an increased lifespan compared to the tradiotional Halogen and HID lights.

SeaLED 300 / 300 L

The SeaLED 300 is a high output subsea LED panel for ROV and inspection points. Fitted with the latest quality LED’ s producing increased lifespan compared to the traditional Halogen and HID lights. SeaLED 300 can be delivered with different lens angles and the light output is easily regulated from 0-100% with either Triac, 0-10V DC or […]

Remote controlled world record at Åsgard

For the very first time, remote-controlled machines and an underwater welding robot have installed a new tie-in point on a live gas pipeline, without the pipeline being prepared in advance.

Area: Imenco

SeaLED 65

The SeaLED 65 is a high output multipurpose light for ROV/tools and inspection points. Equipped with the latest high quality LED which produces an increased lifespan compared to the traditional Halogen and HID lights.

Offshore AFGUARD Water Monitoring System

Imenco has developed a continuous aviation fuel water monitoring system together with the leading aviation fuel filtration and sensor manufacturer Faudi Aviation GmbH. The system is a product in our new fuelSCAN series. Our system can be installed as a retrofit solution for offshore fuel systems as well as in new-builds. The system allows you […]

Area: Aviation

Serviceansvarlig Havbruk

Vi utvider stadig vår portefølje mot havbruk og har økende oppdragsmengde og et stort antall produkter i markedet. Vårt behov for en større service avdeling øker i takt med dette og vi ser derfor etter flere som jobbe for oss.


Wireless Sensor Monitoring Leman Alpha

Background Imenco Nautronix were contracted by Deepwater EU Ltd to develop a solution making use of acoustic communication for the purpose of long range CP monitoring, an industry first for this type of remote CP monitoring. Deepwater provided an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system with acoustic remote CP monitoring as a pilot project for […]

Subsea Wireless Solutions

With an extensive track record of acoustic communication, Imenco Nautronix NASCoM provides long range, high integrity remote control and monitoring of subsea systems. The acoustic communication path is highly secure, and advanced coding technology ensures no interference from unwanted manmade or natural sources, performing well in shallow water around structures as well as deep water. […]

Area: Nautronix

Underwater Positioning

At Imenco Nautronix, we provide a range of advanced subsea acoustic positioning systems, including vessel based and seabed systems. Using the latest generation of signalling technology, the systems employ a broadcast technique providing true multi-user, accurate and reliable positioning in all water depths with no acoustic interference, providing clients with accurate positioning and substantial cost […]

Area: Nautronix

Pig tracking & location

The Imenco Nautronix acoustic and electromagnetic pig tracking systems are designed as accurate pig tracking and location for onshore and offshore subsea pipelines, operating in liquid or gas lines respectively. Used in conjunction with the respective receiver systems, pigs can be tracked and located in pipelines with an accuracy of a few centimetres. Imenco Nautronix […]

Area: Nautronix


Diver communication system The Imenco Nautronix NASDive provides permanently installed wired communications for saturation diving operations and represents the industry’s first and only, truly digital diver communication system. Through the use of digital electronics, digital telemetry and the latest generation of helium speech unscrambler, NASDive provides the clearest and highest intelligibility diver communications available today, […]

Area: Nautronix


Emergency BOP acoustic control system The Imenco Nautronix emergency blowout preventer acoustic control system (NASeBOP) is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of mission critical BOP control. NASeBOP provides a comprehensive, fully redundant system, including complete emergency backup, to perform an emergency disconnect sequence (EDS) if required. Whether an EDS has been executed via […]

Area: Nautronix

Senior Corrosion Engineer

Due to increasing activity in all our business areas, we have decided to increase our staff and are now seeking to strengthen ourselves with new employees.


Rail Overhead Line Equipment Inspection System

The Imenco 0480-6001 wireless Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) pole-mounted inspection camera system features a high-resolution 8 Megapixel stills/video colour sensor with close-up lens for accurate measurement and analysis, and a long 100m range wireless RF transmission link to the base station. The camera head features a unique remotely-controllable motorised tilt, digital zoom and scaling/steady arms […]

Area: CCTV

Rugged Mining Camera

The Imenco 0414-6002 range of ruggedized high resolution monochrome or colour CCTV cameras are a proven design used for heavy duty industry and harsh environment applications. Low cost manufacturing techniques and rugged design means the Imenco 0414-6002 provides a camera system that offers an excellent compromise between initial cost and survivability. Designed with special attention to […]

Area: CCTV

BOP Inspection System

The Imenco 0434-6000 On Deck BOP (Blow Out Preventer) Inspection System is a portable CCTV inspection system typically used for internal visual verification of bore, seals and components while the BOP is on the surface prior to drilling operations, or during BOP repair and maintenance periods. The system includes a robust titanium high resolution Imenco […]

Area: CCTV

HOSS Helicopter Operation Surveillance System

The Imenco 0465-6002 HOSS ALLSS PTZ ultra low light camera makes up the core of the Imenco Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (HOSS) which has built an excellent reputation in providing the bridge with real time critical monitoring of the flight deck, even in very low light conditions, on board naval surface ships. The Imenco 0465-6002 HOSS […]

Area: Aviation

HOSS HD Colour PTZ Camera

The Imenco 0465-6002-IP-HD HOSS HD colour PTZ CCTV camera provides an advanced colour digital sensor technology upgrade to the original Standard Definition (SD) monochrome camera. The Imenco Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (HOSS) has built an excellent reputation in providing the bridge with real time CCTV monitoring even in very low light conditions. The integrated HD […]

Area: CCTV

Rugged Marine Fixed Camera

The Imenco 0482-6010HD-020 is an ultra-rugged naval marine IP colour CCTV camera with a day/night feature combined with a wide angle IR corrected lens and is ideally suited to the limited lighting conditions found in below deck ship engineering spaces. In instances where there is insufficient ambient lighting the in-built IR illumination LED’s automatically provide […]

Area: CCTV

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