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HOSS HD Colour PTZ Camera

The Imenco 0465-6002-IP-HD HOSS HD colour PTZ CCTV camera provides an advanced colour digital sensor technology upgrade to the original Standard Definition (SD) monochrome camera. The Imenco Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (HOSS) has built an excellent reputation in providing the bridge with real time CCTV monitoring even in very low light conditions. The integrated HD […]

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SubVIS Grampus

The Imenco SubVIS Grampus Wide Angle IP HD 3x Zoom SmartCamera offers 1080p@30fps Full HD low latency video streaming, 3x Optical Zoom, std. 6000m Titanium housing, Wide Angle dome front port with 98° diagonal / 90° horizontal viewing angles and internal 9-Axis MEMS IMU Sensor

SubVIS Pilot

The Imenco SubVIS Pilot IP HD 10x Zoom SmartCamera offers 1080p@60fps Full HD Low Latency video streaming, 10x Optical Zoom, std. 6000m Titanium housing, water corrected dome or flat front port and internal 9-Axis MEMS IMU Sensor. One of the most innovative and exciting features of the Imenco SubVIS system is that our SubVIS SmartCameras LED […]

SubVIS Orca

For the first time, live subsea video can be digitally transmitted via Ethernet using the SubVIS Orca IP HD 30x Zoom Subsea SmartCamera without significant latency. The SubVIS platform is based on embedding a computer into the camera, making it ready for advanced image enhancement and Computer Vision. We have effectively made a dedicated computer […]

Marketing and promotional event

Imenco and Indepth-International held their first marketing and promotional event for customers on 09 November at the Millennium Corniche Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This was a successfully first ‘in-area’ event aimed at decision makers and product users in the UAE and wider Middle East oil, LPG and defence markets. Both companies were delighted to be in attendance […]

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ROV Load Transfer Hook

Imenco supplies a specially designed Load Transfer Hook for retrieval and transferal of the rider form a standard ROV support vessel to the FPSO/floater. Maintaining full integrity and security of the load, the hook also provides features for secondary load transfer back to the support vessel if any of the components on the FPSO/floaters or […]

Latest news

Imenco buys Malm Orstad AS and will further develop the company

Imenco AS has purchased Malm Orstad AS. The new owner has ambitious development plans for Malm Orstad AS and through the Imenco group's industrial capacity and expertise, the company provides a solid platform for further growth. Read more »

Increasing activity in our main business areas

Smart solutions and a firm foothold in all our main areas mean that the activity is increasing and we want to strengthen ourselves with new employees in several different disciplines. Read more »

Imenco is the new owner of Manoda

Imenco has bought the company Manoda and we are pleased to welcome even more new employees, an extended product range and a new strategic location too the group. Read more »