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Imenco collaborates with scientists

24th August 2015

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Many of our customers will be familiar with Imenco’s wide range of subsea cameras, lights and lasers – products now firmly established with many major subsea providers around the globe.
We are firm believers in sharing our knowledge and experience, and have recently combined forces with Ecotone AS – a leading provider of environments survey solutions – to research & design a new camera housing.
Ecotone had identified a need for a specialized camera housing for their Underwater Hyperspectral Imager (UHI), which is intended to be used in search of minerals and seabed mapping on a forthcoming expedition in the Pacific Ocean.

With close collaboration with Ecotone AS, Imenco engineered and designed a large housing, to be able to contain their camera of choice – and to withstand the extreme pressure of  6000 meters of seawater (roughly 600 bars).
The result was a duplex steel housing of Ø=162mm and L=554mm with a customized Fused Silica front port. The camera is currently being assembled and tested by Ecotone AS, and we take the opportunity to wish them and their Client the best of luck with their expedition.


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