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AutoStore Service Vehicle Unit

The company Hatteland is supplier of a robotized storage system. AutoStore consist of a large cubical grid that provides the storage space for the goods. The goods are accessed by robots that move on rails on top of the grid.

Imenco has developed a Service Vehicle Unit for AutoStore, riding on top of the grid, for servicing the system during stops. The SVU is manually driven and is able to shift the driving direction 90 deg by turning the seat.

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Faudi AFGUARD Now accepted by JIG

With reference to JIG Bulletin no. 110 "Use of Electronic Water Sensors", Imenco are pleased to announce that the FAUDI Aviation electronic water sensor is qualified as an alternative to chemical water detectors. The AFGUARD® is the only electronic sensor commercially available to monitor the amount of wate... Read more »

Imenco Bauer Hydraulics and Diinef Launch Digital Motor

Imenco Bauer Hydraulics and Diinef launch the worlds first High Torque Low Speed digital motor on Nor-Shipping in Oslo, May 30’th to June 2’nd. Read more »