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Subsea Engineering

Engineering and Development based in Haugesund specialize in mechanical and electrical development with a high focus on the challenging subsea environment. Subsea Engineering consists of a team with highly experienced engineers consistently strive for design excellence and product effectiveness in line with the demanding environments Imenco and its products operate in.


The Imenco range of specialized interface components are only small part of an anode protection systems. Imenco is able to tie elements together to offer a streamlined package that meets and exceeds expectations. From direct anode to clamp connections to subsea anode batteries for a lifetime of corrosion protection, Imenco is able to develop systems […]

Mini ROVs – Seabotix LBVs

Mini ROVs – Seabotix LBVs  

Subsea Mechanical Products

World leading mechanical products in the following areas: Subsea Guiding, Subsea Lifting & Handling, Subsea Cathodic Protection and Subsea Tools.


Anode protection is only ever as good as the interface connection point. The physical connection between cathode and anode is what give the expected end result. Imenco understands this and knows this connection is the critical element in the system. With this in mind, Imencos range of clamp products do not compromise on quality and […]

Subsea Electronic Products

With more than 30 years of experience, Imenco has earned a strong reputation as a manufacturer of high quality subsea cameras, lights and lasers.


As part of Imenco engineering and subsea projects over the last 30 years, a formidable expertise in special design and modified tools to meet operational specific needs have been covered, developed together with clients. The design and product understanding as well as the knowledge and feedback from ROV operators have given Imenco the ability to […]

Imenco SubVIS Grampus Wide Angle IP HD 3x Zoom SmartCamera

Product number: 113150-01

The Imenco SubVIS Grampus Wide Angle IP HD 3x Zoom SmartCamera offers 1080p@30fps Full HD low latency video streaming, 3x Optical Zoom, std. 6000m Titanium housing, Wide Angle dome front port with 98° diagonal / 90° horizontal viewing angles and internal 9-Axis MEMS IMU Sensor

Service & Maintenance

Imenco offers the ability to refurbish previously installed Imenco equipment with the same attention to detail that was delivered originally. Many products can be reused with only key elements being replaced, this allows for quick turn-arounds as wells as reduced costs for future projects. All service and maintenance can be carried out at Imenco locations […]

Subsea PLUS+

Latest news

Imenco Corrosion Technology

Imenco AS have been supplying the offshore industry with high quality products and systems for many years. Now our corrosion protection systems and products are found under the label Imenco Corrosion Technology. Read more »

Imenco wins contract for world’s largest offshore wind farm

Imenco Corrosion Technology AS have been awarded a contract to deliver equipment for corrosion protection of the world’s largest offshore wind farm; Hornsea Project One off the coast of UK. Read more »

Breakthrough orders for Imenco in offshore wind power market

Imenco AS has this year secured orders for deliveries in corrosion protection to offshore wind power through deliveries to two major offshore wind farms in Great Britain and Germany. The last parts are these days being shipped out from Imencos production facilities in Tysvaer, Norway. Read more »

Reference projects

Remote Welding Habitat

Remote Welding Habitat

Imenco are proud to announce their contribution to the development of the Remote Welding Habitat (RWH) which recently has set a new world record for the deepest subsea remote welding operations, which... Read more »

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