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Standard Spare Parts

30m Grounding Cable with breakaway device

Product number: 61-GI-0300

The new Grounding Cable Kit is preassembled for safe and easy installation. It is now ready for purchase from our Aftermarket Department.

Pressure Refuelling Nozzle

Product number: 61-MM-HUMY431A2BDJ

Underwing Refuelling nozzle, used all over the world in this critical application. The HU4000 Series Underwing Refuelling nozzle, with a unique safety interlock.

Gravity Nozzle ZVF 40

Product number: 61-MM-0020

Manual aviation fuelling nozzle for overwing service, flow rate up to 400 litres/min.

Air Motors

Product number: 61-PC-AM0100

Lubricated Air Motors come in seven basic models up to 9.5 HP (7,1 kW); motor speeds are variable from 300 to 10,000 RPM.

Sliding Vane Pumps

Product number: 61-PC-0010

High quality sliding vane pumps. We have several different models on stock.

Differential Pressure Gauges

Product number: 61-PDI-GTP534PB

Stainless Steel Differential Pressure Gauge, ideal for extreme environments

Air Hose

Product number: 61-MN-4000

Air Hose, inclusive quick connector. Used for operation of 3” pneumatic discharge tank valve.

Grounding Cable for Transportable Tank

Product number: 61-GI-0073

To ensure bonding of Transportable Jet Fuel Tanks during refuelling and fuel transfer operations.

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