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Dispenser Unit

Our standard Dispenser Unit is designed to fulfill requirements for Helicopter Fuelling Systems worldwide and can be upgraded to project specific requirements.

Walk-in Dispenser Unit

Product number: IDW1-25-30

Our Walk-in Dispenser Unit is an upgraded version of our standard Dispenser Unit and fulfills all requirements for Helicopter Fuelling Systems worldwide.

Pump Unit

The Imenco aviation pump unit can be delivered with different options depending on requirments; with two pumps, either pneumatic or electrical motors. A pump unit with two pumps gives flexibility in case of ongoing maintenance to one of the pumps or motors. The Imenco standard design is based on stainless steel drip tray/base frame and […]

Laydown Skid

For our Helicopter Refuelling Systems we have a wide range of Laydown Skids for both transportable tanks and static storage tanks. The laydown skid range is one or two storage tanks or from a single transportable tank and up to 8 transportable tanks. A heavy duty bumper will in addition to tank support frame function as […]

Storage Tanks

The storage tanks for our Helicopter Refuelling systems will be mounted in a skid together with a pump unit. Capacities from 3000 – 30000 Litres. The storage tanks can be delivered with single or twin chambers in stainless steel or duplex. Dual and twin chamber tanks gives a high flexibility in the system as there will […]

Transportable Tanks

2.000 – 4.000 liters Tote Tanks. The tanks are manufactured according to ASME VIII and approved by DNV or ABS. Transportable tanks with frames according  to DNV 2.7-1. The fuel tanks are made from stainless steel eliminating maintenance and increases life time of the tanks. •  Transportable Tank 2700 to 3000 litres, DNV 2.7.1, IMO […]

Sampling & Recycle Unit

A separate cabinet with fuel test and recycling equipment is offered for optimal environmental control and safe operation.

Defuelling Unit

Imenco’ s Defueling Stations are designed and manufactured to defuel helicopters at the recommended flow rate for each helicopter.  Upstream defuel pump there will be a filter vessel and instrumentation. Defueling unit can work as a separate unit with defueling tank or as a part of a bigger system. Stations are skid based and with […]

Foam/Deluge Unit

Imenco’ s foam unit is typically designed for 1-3% AFFF foam. There are different solutions pending on main fire water system design. Normally our system will be delivered with a pressure control valve so inlet pressure can variety and we can still keep the design pressure downstream our deluge valve. The system is skid based […]

Automatic Interlock Bonding Safety System

Chapter 7 Point 3.6.1 b in CAP437 7th Edition states that the pumping system in offshore fuelling systems should be equipped with an interlock bonding system.

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