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Cathodic Protection

The Imenco range of CPS clamps are based on the development and evolution of favorable design over many years. The development has followed the demanding requirements from contractors and operators while maintaining the Imenco emphasis on Smart Solutions. Imenco appreciate and understands the complexity of subsea operations and the flexibility that is required.

As Cathodic protection solutions need to adapt to project specifications, Imenco offers special anode system packages and interface components to meet the strict project needs combined with the “ease of use” that has come to be associated with Imenco design. Through client issued design requirements or through solution development partnerships, Imenco will ensure focus on operational success.


Latest news

New developed semi-automatic TRI Plate from Imenco

A smart solution for easy subsea loadtransfere. The Imenco TRI Plate allows for loadtransfere from one lifting rope to another. Read more »

Great success for the new developed Imenco Regan GL-4 Extension/Adaptor

Sales numbers are very good and increasing for the Imenco developed Guide Post Extensions that can be installed subsea on top of guideposts with Regan GL-4 post top profile or be used as an adaptor between the GL-4 post and standard Guidewire Anchors. Deliveries are made for use in offshore sectors Worldwide. Read more »

Imenco Corrosion Technology

Imenco AS have been supplying the offshore industry with high quality products and systems for many years. Now our corrosion protection systems and products are found under the label Imenco Corrosion Technology. Read more »