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Windfarm Substation Helicopter Refuelling Systems

For windfarm substations with limited crane capacity our Windfarm Substation Helicopter Refuelling Systems are the preferred choice by our customers.

Our Windfarm Substation Helicopter Refuelling systems are designed according to CAP437 and special project specific requirements for Windfarm projects. The skid based fuelling system has low weight and a smaller footprint that the standard designs. We have made a standard transportable tank to suit our windfarm systems.

The systems are a special version of our Advanced Helicopter Refuelling Systems.


  • SS316L Baseframe & Driptray
  • SS316L Piping, Vessel & Valves
  • Enclosure in offshore Alu


  • Status monitoring, from any remote location via LAN/WLAN connection
  • Safe and controlled system environment

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