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Top Releasable Guidepost – GPTR

The Imenco Top Releasable Guidepost GPTR is used on subsea structures where there will be side access for the ROV at upper part of the post. The post is easily deployed, installed and retrieved using the guideline with standard Guidewire Anchor or Lifting Anchor. A release ring, which is located just below the top of the post, is easy to operate by ROV (or diver) for lock down (L) and release/ unlock (U) of the post. The post locking mechanism will automatically lock to the post Receptacle RTR type when the post is fully landed. The GPTR type posts have been widely operated in the North Sea and other areas during the last 10-15 years and have proven to be very efficient and reliable.

The Imenco Top Releasable Guideposts are made from carbon steel, sandblasted and painted to meet offshore standards or specific client standards. They are supplied with full documentation package, including CoC, manufacturing record book, test reports, user manual and maintenance instructions.

The Imenco Top Releasable Guidepost GPTR can be delivered with different diameters, lengths and strength according to client specifications. For more details see GPTR Datasheet. Special customized designs are available on request.

Top Releasable Guidepost- Main Features:

• Field proven robust design
• Release ring at top for ROV access
• Easy to install and release, no special tools required
• Installation independent of post orientation
• Simple and reliable self-locking mechanism activated by its own weight
• Locked/unlocked status is verified by the release ring
• Can be released and reinstalled without any manual resetting at surface
• Optional shear pin for secondary release
• Fitted with internal anodes for CP protection
• Available in different sizes and lengths: Standard lengths ref. table – optional length according to customer requirements


Overview of Top Releasable Guidepost GPTR range:

Model Post OD Lengths* Versions  Compatible Anchors
8″ 219,1 mm 1,0 – 10,2 m V1 – Standard
V2 – High strength
V3 – Special interfaces
GWA-22’ / GWA-22’S
6Te Lifting Anchor
12″ 323,8 mm 2,0 – 16,5 m V1 – Standard
V2 – High strength
V3 – Special interfaces
GWA-22’ / GWA-22’S
6Te Lifting Anchor
17.5Te Lifting Anchor

*) Post lengths can be supplied according to client requirements For more details see GPTR Datasheet

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