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Snapper™ Weak Link

For all situations where a controlled emergency release point is required, the Imenco
Snapper™ Weak Link range provides the perfect solution in ensuring a high safety standard for your lifting operations.
The Snapper™ Weak Link is essentially a link introduced to a lifting chain, which is designed to ensure that an emergency release breaking point/value is included in the chain.
This ensures that other components/elements in the chain are protected, i.e.: costly equipment, and/or where safety due to unforeseen breakage is a factor.
This is achieved by use of a “shearpin” with a pre-determined shear value.

** See table below for available standard shear pin range for the different weak link types.

The Snapper™ Weak Link range includes three standard sizes:

  • Snapper™ 6,5 – fits standard 6,5Te shackle
  • Snapper™ 12 – fits standard 12Te shackle
  • Snapper™ 35 – fits standard 35Te shackle

With a suitable value Shearpin fitted, a Snapper™ Weak Link can also be used in standard lifting operations, where desired.

Design criteria:

  • Designed according to DnV 2.22 (Standard certification of lifting appliances, June 2013)
  • NORSOK R-002 (Lifting Equipment, September 2012)
  • Machine Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) – as applicable

The Snapper is load tested with a solid pin, to a pre-defined test-load.
The table below gives the corresponding max. lifting load.

For transport & storage – the Weaklink is supplied with a tailor made storage & transport case, with a customised foam interior. The cases are low weight, dust proof, water tight, temperature resistant & stackable.

Imenco SNAPPER™ Weak Link
Ensures a controlled emergency release point

**Shear Pin Range
Snapper 6,5 Snapper 12 Snapper 35
Shear value
Max. Lifting load* Shearpin
Shear value
Max. Lifting load* Shearpin
Shear value
Max. Lifting load*
1Te 0,2Te 8,2Te(18.000lbs)  1,6Te 15Te 3Te
2Te 0,4Te 8,2Te(18.000lbs)  2Te
3Te 0,6Te 10Te (22.000lbs)  2,4Te 20Te 4Te
4T 0,8Te 12Te  3Te 25Te  5Te
4,6Te (10.000lbs) 0,9Te 15Te 3,6Te  30Te  6Te
6,8Te (15.000lbs) 1,3Te 18Te 4Te 35Te  7Te
20Te 5Te

• Load based on a factor of safety of 5 against fracture of the shearpin.

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