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The Imenco Lifting Anchors (or Latches) have been manufactured and used since the late 1990s and are known in the subsea market for their ease of use and dependability for safe lifting operations. The Imenco Lifting Anchors are easily installed and released by ROV or diver. The Imenco Lifting Anchors are built from high strength stainless steel and is hence very durable and dependable.

Imenco Lifting Anchor – Main Features:

  • Lifting anchor body based on patented Imenco anchor design proven world-wide since 1988
  • Simple installation and release by ROV or diver
  • The anchor can be stabbed by its own weight
  • The anchor can be released and subsequently restabbed without any manual resetting at surface
  • Triple self-locking dogs – designed for equal load distribution – keeps the anchor latched in the top of the guide post or receptacle
  • Safety factor 5 against breakage
  • A central release rod connected to a recessed sleeve on the upper part of the anchor deactivates and releases the locking dogs
  • The release sleeve is mechanically connected to the locking dogs, thus working as an indicator for visual verification of the locking dogs position (Locked / Unlocked)
  • Safety clip that protects against unintended release
  • The anchor cannot be released without relieving tension on the locking dogs, removing safety clip and lifting release sleeve
  • Special designs available on request

Feature LA-6Te LAE-6Te LA-17Te
WLL 6 Te 6 Te 17 Te
Safety factor against breakage 5 5 5
A 496 mm 786 mm 499 mm
B 353 mm 643 mm 313 mm
C 338 mm 640 mm 306 mm
D 105 mm 105 mm 134 mm
E 74 mm 74 mm 100 mm
Dry weight 26 kg 27 kg 34 kg
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The Imenco Lifting Anchors have a slightly different design than the Imenco Guidewire Anchors and does not have a shear pin design and should therefor not be used in a guiding system in the same way as the Imenco Standard Guidewire Anchors or the Imenco Slimline Guidewire Anchors.

The Imenco Lifting Anchors are recognized by their slender bodies and wider heads. This gives each Imenco Lifting Anchor a shoulder for resting on the top of the guidepost or receptacle. An easily accessible release sleeve is utilized for releasing an Imenco Lifting Anchor. The release sleeve is painted orange for easy recognition, and connected mechanically to the locking dogs. This gives a visual verification of the locking dogs position (Locked / Unlocked).

The Imenco Lifting Anchors are equipped with three locking dogs which transfer the load onto the retaining shoulder of the guidepost. The Imenco Lifting Anchors are designed according to Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament, with a safety factor of 5 against breakage.

The Lifting Anchor is delivered with a Safety Clip, which is required during lifting operations to ensure that no accidental release of the anchor occurs. All Imenco Lifting Anchors can be modified to suit individual needs.

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